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The 4th SCICOM conference in Techmania Science Center

 The SCICOM 2014 conference takes place on 1. – 3. 4. 2014 in Techmania Science Center in Pilsen, Czech Republic. The aim of this conference is to support the development of science communication and popularization in the Czech Republic. The conference is organised by Techmania Science Center in cooperation with the University of West Bohemia.

During the conference, we would like to support the discussion between scientists and academics on one hand and media and science centres on the other hand. One of the main goals of the conference is to introduce the importance of the science communication to the scientists.

The first day of the conference will be aimed at science communication at universities and in science-technology centres. One of the sections will be focused on new Regional Innovation Centres which are being established in Pilsen these days. The second day of the conference will be dealing with the collaboration between scientists and media. The third conference day will be specialised in science communication training for both high schools and university students.

The conference will be held only few days after opening a new part of Techmania Science Center with many new interactive exhibitions and a 3D planetarium.

Who is conference aimed at?

The conference is aimed at scientists, academics, journalists, sicence center and media staff, press officers, postdoctoral students and all other interested persons in science communication.

The language of the conference is Czech and English. Most of the presentations will be delivered in Czech and translated into English the first day of the conference.

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